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Theofanis Georgopoulos


Technology, Quality and Safety of Food of Animal Origin

Scientific research fields

Microbiological Quality and Safety of foods, Predictive Microbiology, Microbial Risk Assessment, Shelf-life Studies, Microbial Interactions and Microbial Diversity of foods, Microencapsulation of probiotic microorganisms in dairy and meat products.

Brief CV

Theofanis Georgopoulos
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Thessaly, Karditsa, Greece

March 2010- present.

Τheofanis Georgopoulos, Lecturer in Cereal Science and Technology,


University of Thessaly, Karditsa, Greece

Department of Food Science and Nutrition, School of Agriculture,

  November 2004– March 2010
Loulis Mills SA




28/3/2016-9/7/2019. Ministry

of Agricuture and Food (Food Quality control of foods, Food Law, Biotechnology, Food labelling).


Member of the Board of The Greek National Organisation of Official Control of food (EFET).

  December 2003
Licentiate in Food Technology

Thesis: “Rheological properties of dough and gluten.

Effect of water content and native lipid content”.

Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition,

Lund University, Sweden.

  June 1997
MSc in “Food Science and Technology”
Food Science and Technology,
Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Food Science and Technology


  • 28/2/2015. Speaker on the subject “Applications of substitutes of sugar and grease in the breadmaking and pastry making” in the Meeting “Technology-legislation in the breadmaking and pastry making”, ARTOZA 2015, http://www.petet.org.gr/pages/?p=3015
  • 27/11/2015. S. Iosifidis, Th. Georgopoulos, M.Baioy, K.Zoylfos, A.Moylas “Growth and study of enriched inmates of traditional diet on confrontation of lack of vitamin D. 13th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Diet-dietetics, Athens.
  • 27/2/2016. Speaker on the subject “Innovations in the production of products of breadmaking and pastry making”, ARTOZYMA 2016, Thessalonica.


Research projects Member of team work

  • Participation in Greek Research and Development Programme 2006-2008: “Research of allergic action of greek and cypriotic protein from ceratonia variety (Ceratonia siliqua) for applications in bakery products free from gluten”.
  • Participation in scientific team for the development of the educational material A.TRO.TOS for the traditional foods in Thessaly, ingredients of the Medeterarannean nutrition, November 2011, Technological Institute of Larissa, Secretary of New Generation.
Introduction in agri-food sector,  quality and sensory analysis and authenticity of foods, quality and technology of cereal products, research and development of new products and novel foods, food law and nutritional policy

Extensive CV


  • Quality, Sensory Quality Control and Authenticity of Foods
  • Technology and Quality Control of Milk and Milk Products
  • Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Quality and Safety Management in the Food Industry
  • Technology and Quality Control of Meat and Meat Products
  • Technology and Quality Control of Fish and Fishery Products

Selected publications

  • T Georgopoulos, H Larsson, AC Eliasson. 2004. A comparison of the rheological properties of wheat flour dough and its gluten prepared by ultracentrifugation.Food Hydrocolloids, 18 (1), 143-151.
  • T Georgopoulos, H Larsson, AC Eliasson. 2006. Influence of native lipids on the rheological properties of wheat flour dough and gluten. Journal of texture studies 37 (1), 49-62, 2006.
  • Kaltsa, T Georgopoulos, S Yanniotis, L Mandala. 2013. Effect of enzyme blends and dough strengthening emulsifier on extending the shelf life of sandwich bread applying response surface methodology. IJEIT 3, 149-160, 2013