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Giovanoudis Ioannis


Food Engineering


Research interests

Polyphenols, Phytochemicals, Food Engineering, Unit Operations, Food Processing

Brief CV

Ι.  Titles and Studies

  • Postgraduate Diploma, Master of Science – (M.Sc.) in Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Dissertation: Constrained heat exchanger networks: Differential energy targets, multiple utilities, and design.
  • Chemical Engineer of the Department of Chemical Engineering of NTUA, Athens (10/11/1981) (Diploma degree: 7.53).
  • Diploma Thesis title: “Theoretical Study of Determination of the Structure of Porous Materials from Nitrogen Adsorption Data”.

ΙΙ.  Research Experience-Programs

Participation in research projects with food companies. (Researcher or member of the research team for a fee)

  1. “Preparation of a Research Study on the application of innovations and new products in the production of processed peach products and the development of their specifications” for the Company ELBAK SA, Greece (23-11-2007 to 31-12-2008).

2.            “Creation of modified production processes for the production of various types of table olives enriched in natural antioxidants with the ultimate goal of

creating functional products” for the Company ROI SA. , Greece (25-05-2010 to 30-06-2010).

  1. “Use of a pulsating electric field for the extraction of valuable components from plant material” for the company Korres SA , Greece, 2018. Program implemented within the framework of the Unified Action of State Aid for Research, Technological Development & Innovation “RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE”.
  2. “Creation of biofunctional chocolate products with the addition, encapsulated in microemulsions, of aromatic and medicinal plant extracts produced with innovative technology (deep eutectic solvents)” for the company Cocoowa, Greece , 2018.

Extended CV


Selected publications

  • Enrichment of table olives with phenolic compounds from olive leaves. (2011). S. Lalas, V. Athanasiadis, O. Gortzi, M. Bounitsi, I. Giovanoudis, J. Tsaknis, F. Bogiatzis. Food Chemistry, 127 (4), 1521-1525.