Department President Message


Dear students,

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition, of the School of Agricultural Sciences, University of Thessaly, was established in order to meet the ever-increasing demands in education and research, in cutting-edge objects, such as ensuring the nutritional adequacy of the planet in quantity but much more in quality level.

The main goal of the Undergraduate Curriculum is to provide you with an adequate scientific background, enabling you to effectively address the cutting-edge issues related to the modern agri-food sector. In addition, the main purpose of the Department is to provide the appropriate teaching, training and learning, adopting modern and innovative practices, both theoretical and practical, in order to acquire the skills that will enable you to use modern knowledge and apply appropriate technology and know-how to the fields of:
(a) food manufacture, preservation, processing and packaging of high quality and nutritional value food and beverage products; (b) quality control and assurance of food and beverage products; (c) development of new food products with superior quality and ensured safety (d) food waste reduction, (e) protection of the environment from food and beverage production and processing residues, (f) food business organization and management.

The 5-year studies will lead to the award of the Unified and Indivisible degree (Integrated Master), giving you a significant competitive advantage over other graduates of similar 4-year courses in Greece. In particular, the studies in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition were structured in such a way as to meet the modern demands of the food market and the needs of the society addressing current challenges in the field of food production.

Regarding your professional rights, these are distinct, as they defined in the ‘’Outline of the Professional Rights’’ of the Department. In particular, as future Agronomists of Food Science and Nutrition, you will have the knowledge, skills and qualifications, required to be able to work as executives, both in the private and public sector, in cooperative enterprises, in European as well as in international organizations.

In conclusion, I would like to assure you that all the staff of the Department will always be at your disposal to support you during your studies.

Department President
Professor Konstantinos Polymeros